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Meet   Rachel

Hello, I'm Rachel Windom and I want to express my gratitude for stopping by Reflections of You! I am a spouse, a mother of two wonderful kids, and a proud mama of a beloved fur baby.


My passion for flowers stems all the way back to my first job working in a small, floral shop. The minute I walked in, I fell in love and never looked back. The aromas of fresh flowers, working to understand a client’s inspired vision, and finding inspiration as I work with the flowers to realize that vision has transformed what was a simple job into a true passion. With over three decades of experience in crafting bespoke floral arrangements, my enthusiasm for the art has only grown stronger!

Aside from my professional responsibilities, I take pleasure in attending floral exhibitions and events to stay updated on the latest trends and ideas in the floral sector. I am always seeking inspiration from nature, traveling, reading a good book, or exploring new dining experiences in my area.


Fun Facts About  Rachel

  • I love Listening to 80 & 90's rap when I am designing.

  • March Madness is my favorite time of the year.

  • If the Wobble comes on, I will be dancing.

  • My favorite date night with my hubby is either a Bucks game or evening at the casino.

  • My 1st car was a 77' Chevy Impala that was nicknamed the "Hooptie"


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